Dear John – Eddi Reader

Dear John (gedeelte)

Oh, dear John
I hate to be the one to break the news
But it’s concerning me and you
This is the letter no one ever wants to write
You may not believe me
But it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done
My eyes see other glories
Other dreams and other stories
And I want to live before I die, dear John

Ten years on
I still dream and we still hesitate
The passion’s all but gone
Oh, dear John
Seems we have a bad day every day
I want to sleep my life away
This is the letter no one ever wants to read
And though it hurts like hell
It may be what you need to tell you
I never wanted to be cruel
But I’m so tired of being the strong one
And I don’t always have the energy
And you always leave it up to me, John

My eyes have seen the glory
There’s more to life than my life story
And I’ll probably never find him
But I have to keep on looking
And I’m very very sorry, dear John